“100 Points of Light Project”

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Light makes the world beautiful.

The “100 Points of Light” Project will help 100 people shine.  100 points of success at home and work by focusing light on a single high-value goal during the last 100 days of 2015.

In these 100 lives, light will grow, impact will expand and families will enjoy the benefits.  What area would you like to see shining brighter?

100 people   –    100 goals    –    100 Days

Shine light where you want to go… End your year with focus?

If you had a little help, what could you accomplish between now and the end of the year?   Would you make more money?  Impact your family?  Take a trip?  Paint your house?

Aim for the Bulls-Eye not the Target

An archery field target with one big arrow hitting a bull's-eye and other smaller arrows missing the target completely. Original illustration by myself. Competition and aiming for success concept.

We are looking for 100 people who want to see their light grow!

100 people who want to zero-in, feel success and see their light grow.

100 people who walk the same journey toward their dreams.

What is your dream?

Focus your light on your dreams; focus makes the difference.   Laser like focus takes ‘light’ and creates medical Lighthouse in New Brunswick, Canada, in fog, mist and clouds at night.miracles.  Your light can too…

If you could reach just one goal, what would give you the greatest boost?  

Do you want three new clients?  Do you want to be home 3 nights a week?  Do you want finish t
hat project?  Do you want to spend time with that person?  

It’s your light.  Focus it where it best helps you see your future.  

You may have felt like the end of 2014 fell apart…  But NOT THIS YEAR!!

Businessman with illuminated light bulb concept for idea, innovation and inspirationReach your goal; seize the dream; focus your energy on one area and SEE the impact!

“100 Points of Light”

100 people achieving 100 different things.

100 success stories…   100 lives changed…   100 family successes…

Share your dream… Add your light… Be one of the 100 Points of Light.couple at their new empty apartment

We put LIGHT on YOUR path to a better life!

Join the Adventure! Submit a SMART Focus online form!

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100 Days kicks off on September 23 and ends December 31st

End the year with success and you’ll feel marvelous!