20*20 Connection

20*20 Connection brings men together for brief 20 minute conversations for 20 weeks to be better husbands, fathers, businessmen, disciples, etc.Detail shot of metal being worked at a blacksmith forge

 It’s powerful for ONLY being a 20 minute conversation.   

  • We talk about challenges or blessings in our various roles at home and at work.
  • We consider how these situations are opportunities to discover more about God and ourselves.
  • It’s a spiritual pursuit where we each uniquely lean into God and discover his grace.
  • This is not counseling; we are just swapping stories and our need for grace.

It’s not a bible study; there’s not a particular theological agenda.  There is prayer; acceptance; encouragement and support.  


If you want to engage in a 20 min conversation to explore if this might be valuable to you, call me at 919-876-7387 or send a note:  CoachDan@CoachingConnectivity.com