Too Deep to Quit

Sometimes you get too far along to turn back.  It happened to me at seminary.  It was a 90 credit hour MDiv and I was 76 hours deep.  It was too far to turn around.  It had to be finished.  I went spelunking once and we got way down deep in the ground, exploring this or that, and we couldn’t stay.  We had to work our way out.

These days things feel like they’re moving in slow motion.  Job pursuits are slow; applications take forever to complete; my experiences never line up with job titles.  I’m always trying to talk my way into this or that.  My skills will carry me once the door opens; I have skills.  I keep telling myself that.

Yesterday, Marcia (my beautiful, gracious wife) celebrated her 24th wedding anniversary (I did too by the way).  This seems unbelievable even to me.  It’s amazing to see so many ups and downs and discover you still love and enjoy the same person, year after year.  It’s not even difficult.  It’s actually fun.  FB_IMG_1435425028959~2

Some would say, I’m sure, that we’re a special case or we’ve found some special technique.  In truth, we’re quite flawed.  We’re just in too deep to quit.  Oh, no, it’s not that we couldn’t walk away and find some newer younger, more muscular model who makes more income.  It’s more that we’ve discovered a deeper reason to remain married.  We’ve seen the depth of our need, bathed in the sorrow of disappointment and found that Jesus’ love was deeper than our wounds.

I’m not sure we clearly understand the depth of Jesus love; the longer I live, the more ignorant I feel.  His depth of grace and kindness – even when we’re not sure how to reach out to him – moves toward us, deepening our ability to love and meeting our needs.  It’s complicated and miraculous.

I’m in too deep to quit.

The Sum Of It All

You are the sum of your effort

UnderArmour captures this life theme in a powerful video:

training You Are the Sum of Your Training

What are you doing with your life?  Investing?  Wasting?  Focusing?  Winning?

What gets your attention?

Your focus determines your destination.  Your dreams are conditioned by your thoughts.

You can grow. change and reinvent yourself.  You can become more.

You can make a bigger impact, change more lives and feel better about your future.

You can select your destination and focus your energy.

You are the sum of your training.

Are you ready to train?

Let’s connect and focus on ONE area of effort.

What if you trained in ONE area and saw growth?

The “100 Goals Project” is looking for 100 people who want to end their year feeling more successful!

Training takes support.  We can help.



Getting Some Perspective

Life is…

An Intersection

Life brings together people, dreams, challenges and career.  It’s rarely clean and simple; it’s always exciting; it’s two roads in a yellow wood.

Life bring together celebration and sadness.  It’s the big sale and the one that got away.  There are trade-offs; pursuits and transitions.

A Journey

Life moves like a panther through the wood, sleek, powerful, majestic. It’s dangerous; there’s risk and reward; it moves like the sun across the horizon.

Life passes; success and failure fade, an ever-changing portrait, a raging river, a peaceful pond.  This too shall pass.


Always Starting

Why does it seem as if I’m always starting?  Whats Your Story Blackboard

Discoveries require effort, pursuit and strategy.

Discontent with the status quo; always testing the limits; always asking the questions.

It’s adventure I seek; it’s impact I desire and it’s hope I want to share.

Join the conversation.  Where are you?  What drives you forward?    What makes you feel alive?

Get out of the rut.  Choose a different path.  Make a new start.

Today’s the day.  Let’s talk!


Adventure of a Lifetime


We’re all traveling somewhere.  Time is not standing still.

Where you go today will set you up for tomorrow.

I’m choosing wisely.  I’m walking thoughtfully.  I’m being selective.

Where are you going?