Leads to a More Rewarding Life

balance comes from family and career conceptual venn diagramIn a world where life feels chopped up into little pieces, I love helping people bring it back together.  I’ve found many people feel pulled in multiple, disconnected directions.  It’s rewarding to help them feel encouraged, lifted and empowered.

What is YOUR Best Life?  Group Of Friends Outdoors Enjoying Drink In Pub GardenWhat is the big idea that drives your life?  Why do you get up and go to work everyday?  Your purpose, when clear, will catch the winds like a sail filled with air, sleekly gliding through choppy water, speeding toward your life goals.  You will feel fulfilled because you will see progress toward your big picture goals.

Who are the Players?  None of us travel alone.  We live in families and have friends and work partners who contribute to our sense of fulfillment.  As I wisely choose friends and coworkers  who influence my life toward what I value, I feel more positive, encouraged and excited because I see more growth, laughter and satisfaction.

What about the Pieces?puzzle-137975245935L  A puzzle is a mess until you can see the big picture.   Fulfillment is the bi-product of a meaningful, well connected life.  I love helping people identify their missing piece or two.  In my life, as I’ve brought those pieces together, I feel more hopeful and energized.

How Do they Fit Together?   That’s the big question.  Your pieces won’t fit the same as your neighbor or your parents but they do fit.  There is a way to fit things together in every life and career.


Why Live Like Everyone Else?

Gold Fish jumping from one fish bowl to anotherI don’t want to live like everyone else.

I want to grow old with my family around me, thankful that I’m a part of their lives.  Each day I focus my energy and live the life I was meant to live.  Some days I’m still pulled into the rat race but I don’t live there.

I’m pursuing a better life each day.

How about you?  I’d love to hear about your life.  How are things these days?

Email me: or  reach out for a 20 minute inquiry call (919) 876-7387 (office).