Interim Ministry

Group of Multiethnic People Discussing About Global Issues

Whenever God allows us to use our gifts and experiences to bless others, it’s exciting.  For 14 months it was an honor to invest in Westside Chapel, a delightful multi-cultural congregation in Western Greensboro, NC.

When we began walking together, attendance was sliding, finances were getting worse and the people were discouraged.  Over the 14 months we transitioned leadership, stabilized attendance, righted the financial challenges and the leadership  began searching for their next permanent pastor.

We experimented with outreach in ways that were safe and contagious.  We hosted 12 continuous weeks of a Saturday morning car wash to show the community we cared.  This led into a weekly meal on Wednesday evenings to continue our effort to connect with the community in an area of need.

Closeup of hands in praying position with a bibleThere’s a powerful intersection of life and ministry when people trust God in spite of circumstances. God never wastes hard ships or frustrations.  They are meant to invite us into a learning circle where we see ourselves and our God more clearly.  The journey of faith is neither straight nor easy.  But it’s always worth the effort.


Consulting/Interim Ministry

If you would like to request an onsite church consultation or assessment, I’m available to walk along side you and encourage you and your fellowship.

I’m actively looking for my next ministry assignment and have written a handbook to help me retain the things learned through this powerful journey with some pretty awesome people.