Ministry MasterMind Groups

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The purpose of this Master-mind group is to encourage pastors to grow their success and enjoy ministry long-term.

  • This group is an open group to all pastors.
  • The personal investment ($50/month/person) is waived if you’re a pastor in the South Atlantic District of the C&MA
  • Other groups will begin as participants are identified.
  • Groups will vary in size, duration and topic.
  • Each group requires a vocal commitment to confidentiality, honesty and personal ownership/accountability.

Each group includes sharing, learning, experimenting and reporting.   Accountability and support will foster personal growth and development.

Our initial MasterMind Group will focus on Leadership Development.

The following tasks and outline for our initial Pastor’s Mastermind Group meeting (beginning May 2016 lasting for 6 months), will give you a picture of what we hope pastors will gain from their time in our Ministry Mastermind Groups.


1.  Purchase “Being Leaders” by Aubrey Malphurs, read through chapter 1 and plan to compare/contrast your definition of leadership with his – for our initial meeting.  


2.  Please create a one page summary and submit prior to the first meeting
  • Your church’s mission (purpose) & the top 5 areas where God’s calling your fellowship to grow.
  • A brief statement that describes your personal mission as you live your life (independent of church) with 5 areas you hope you’re seeing success.


3.  Please outline 3-4 critical behaviors of ministry leaders and 5 critical values of ministry leaders (submit these short, single phrase statements with 5-10 words — think bullet points before the first meeting)


4.  We will follow the following outline on our INITIAL Skype call:
  • Welcome… Prayer to open our time… Summary of Mastermind Group idea…   Agreements… This group’s focus is on leadership development…
  • Personal Update (5 minutes) – tell group about your life, family, personal interests, time in ministry… (in the future this will be a 2 minute celebration, praise, activity, opportunity)
  • Malphurs book:  Compare and contrast our leadership ideas with Malphurs ideas (20 min)
  • Leadership development system…  If you followed a reproducible process for developing leaders, what would be step 1, 2, 3 and 4?  Must be simple, clear and easy so your leaders can do it without you — once you walk them through it. (20 min)
  • Hot Seat – current problem, current opportunity, something you’re struggling with and wanting to learn or do better, something that keeps you stuck or holds you back.  (this is the place to interact and create) [8-10 min/person]
  • Choice of Focus (10 min):
    • 1. Specific leadership focus:  What are you specifically going to do to grow leaders in your context over the next month?
    • 2. General life focus:  What’s one area you’d like to see some positive movement or growth in the next month?  What will you specifically do?
  • End with prayer (10 min)