Is What Keeps My Life Together

Everyone believes something.  I believe people have immense value, are capable of magnificent greatness and sometimes stir up more trouble then they can imagine.

I believe in a personal, interactive God who is involved in our world and is responsive to people.

I believe Jesus is unique; he identified himself as the Son of Man, the Savior of the world and claimed to be God.

Faith Connected to MinistryJesus with a jug of water and a towel on a neutral background

“Ministry” is the process of helping others discover and appreciate their spiritual world, their interaction with God and more specifically, their relationship with Jesus.  It’s coaching with clear spiritual overtones.

Practically, ministry includes serving, listening, coaching, mentoring, etc.  Ministry provides care for and support to people of all ages, regardless of their worldview, believing that we are all  on a spiritual journey.

When those same people rediscover and align themselves with what God has called them to do, they walk taller, feel more joy and make a bigger impact.

Faith as an Anchor

My Faith keeps me stable.  A tree, when the wind blows, remains anchored; when the seasons change it may shift but it’s still a tree.  My faith has shifted over the years from “following the rules” to “following Jesus”.   When I get side tracked by  struggles, failures and frustrations, I turn toward Jesus.

I’m Open to Talking about Faith

Faith is meant to be shared but I try not to push it where it’s not wanted.  Everyone’s journey is a little different.  Jesus impresses me with the people he spent time with and the way he treated everyone with value; always inviting; always challenging.

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