Missional Manhood

Missional Manhood is about men.

Men sharing stories of men who imperfectly but persistently try to live out their connection with Jesus in their family, their career and their community.

Who taught you to be a man?  What does a man spend his life on these days?  Do you have a compelling mission?

If your mission is to buy stuff and you neglect your soul, I’d like to give you my 800 number.  Someday, when the success loses it’s thrill and the internet ceases to entertain, I hope you’ll call.  Then again, don’t wait that long.

Read some of our stories at  MissionalManhood.com

boy and his father are on the road away

Share your story. Change someone’s life!


What’s YOUR story?  Someone would benefit from reading about your spiritual journey as you are learning to know and trust Jesus.

Would you share it with us?