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Life is relationships.  Struggle here and you struggle everywhere.

Relationship Awareness training transforms the way people see themselves and their relationships.  The better we connect with people the more we can help them grow, the faster we can reach our goals and the better we can manage the process.


It’sTeacher giving personal instruction to male student frustrating to see what you want and feel like it’s always out of reach.  You know what you need to do but you feel held back, like it’s never going to change.  You’re good at what you do and you enjoy your life but you want to be a little better.  We can show you how to grow into the life you really want.

Feel more confident; enjoy faster progress; see yourself more accurately and understand people around you.  Enjoy the benefits of reading people more clearly and feeling less stress because they’re different than you.

Your customized growth plan begins with a personal relationship and conversations around your most important priorities.  A comprehensive motivational assessment offers an opportunity for personal discovery.



Cheerful couple at home e-shopping with tablet

There comes a point where couples get stuck.  The good things keep you going but there’s some tension under the surface.  If you’re a growing couple who wants to enjoy marriage even more and focus on what you both want to achieve or enjoy, we offer a path forward.

Feel more unified; move together as one; build a family that laughs and lasts.  We work with couples to create powerful conversations that lower conflict and raise relational awareness.  Invest your life together in shared dreams and you’ll build a marriage that will stand the test of time.

A comprehensive motivational assessment offers you a unique opportunity to gain incredibly helpful insights into your marriage that will change your life forever.  You may finally feel like you understand your spouse.


summer, holidays, vacation, happy people concept - group of teenagers looking down and showing finger five gestureIf you’re responsible for a company, division or team, you know the pressure of moving forward, the challenges of working with people and impact of lost revenue when people are distracted because of conflict.

The work we do fosters conversations that create common ground and provide teams with the self-awareness and skills to move forward faster through collaborative understanding.  If you’re leading and feel like you want to see more success, we can help.  We help leaders and their teams break through barriers to their success by identifying what motivates them, understanding what keeps them in conflict and how to work in unity toward shared goals.

When teams work better together, they don’t miss work, don’t call out sick and enjoy being part of the team.  You’ll see more significant results from lower conflict and turnover costs.  People will want to work with you, you’ll keep more staff and see them accelerate productivity.  You can imagine how this will powerfully transform your role and the future of your team, office or company.  When the right people do the right things the outcomes are remarkable.

You’ll go farther and feel better.  Groups benefit from the motivational assessment when they see their unique contributions to the team and how others perceive their contributions.  Working with people when you see what motives them brings out their best.

Group training offers powerful, interactive learning experiences.  The shared experience is as powerful as any ropes course and more life changing than that last training your team can’t remember.  Our 8 hour training event and the subsequent impact engagements will solidify learning, create memorable stories and allow your leadership to focus on the future instead of cleaning up messes from the past.

Powerful Resource

The Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) offers meaningful insights into motives.  See how your differences make you unique.  It’s a remarkable assessment that explains why you do what you do.  As it describes you, you’ll feel understood, affirmed and significant.

Zero In on Your Motives

Understand what drives your life; discover why you do what you do; explore why others frustrate you.

See Your Conflict Sequence

You (and people around you) respond to conflict in explainable ways; genuinely resolve differences and reduce the cost of conflict.

Create Deeper Connections

Transform your relationships; gain emotional intelligence; see yourself more clearly and you’ll go farther faster.

Don’t Be Shy

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Here’s a promise:

The price of living a disconnected life is substantially higher than the cost of developing a greater sense of self-understanding and Relational Awareness.

When I saw how powerfully this training impacted my life, it became my passion to help others grow here too.  It’s impacted my home, my business, my relationships with friends and co-workers.  It’s given me more confidence; helped me see how I add value to relationships and where people most miss-read my intentions.

You can benefit from Relationship Awareness training.  I personally guarantee that you’ll see some of the same benefits I’ve felt and seen.  We probably want some of the same things:

  1. To be better at relationships
  2. To feel more connected to the people we love
  3. To enjoy a deepening sense of personal fulfillment, success and affirmation in our work

Coaching Connectivity offers a path to achieve all this and more.