The Pastor’s Journey

Pastoral life is lonely.  Who helps you when you’re helping everyone else?

We offer PASTORS support to help you experience more success in ministry.  We’ve been there.  We’ve tried that.  Our families know the struggle, the pressure and the tension.  You will go further and build a strong ministry if you take advantage of the kind of support we offer.  Builders are building a wooden house.

Our support is different than what you get in your church:

  1. Your income isn’t connected to our conversations.
  2. You’re not trying to keep your job when you talk with us.
  3. You know we know what it’s like to live in the fish-bowl.
  4. We know the horror of annual reviews and board members who use them to fix you.

We believe that the “External Accountability” we offer through coaching will do more to help your church grow than any new program.

We will help you see some of the success you really want with your leadership team, your evangelism, your relationships at home and your preaching.

The Pastor’s Journey – is all about YOUR journey in ministry.  Having a degree won’t make your church grow.

Ministry is like mountain climbing.  Never journey alone.  A fall could kill you.  If it doesn’t, your family may not recover but your church will move on.

Reach out to us at The Pastor’s Journey.  Tell us about your story.  We have tools to help you see more visible success and move forward so you will again enjoy ministry.

Two hikers enjoying sunrise from top of a mountain