Wedding-Life Coaching

What part of a relationship is the most important but receives the least amount of attention?  The first year of marriage.  Beautiful Wedding Couple

There’s the courtship – Everyone puts on their game face to win the prize.  No one is meaningfully deceptive it’s just a little artificial and not fully authentic.  Come on, it’s normal.  If we led with our bad habits who of us would ever get married?

Then there’s the big “Question” – Will you marry me?  If the answer is “Yes!” everyone is incredibly excited and the planning begins for the big wedding day!  Lots to do.  Better get to it!

romantic vacation: couple at sundown on the beach with carThen there’s the big Wedding Day – Will it be perfect?  Probably not but that’s what makes it exciting and memorable!  It’s a lot of hype.  Good hype and very exciting! Brides are beautiful and grooms are looking forward with great anticipation to the honeymoon.


Then it’s back to normal.  But what is normal?  Have you ever been married before to that person?

That’s the power of Wedding-Life Coaching.  We focus your energy on positive, healthy, realistic groSuccess Strategywing experiences to quickly create stability and positive momentum.    Connect the dots and see your marriage life soar!!!  

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