Mountain Climbing & Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning and Mountain Climbing…

Both take serious effort and the thrill of making it to the top is SO worth it!  The flowers, the music, the laughter and the dress!!!  Your special day will be amazing!  I can see it now!   After you celebrate an unforgettable, life-changing wedding and recover from a fun-filled honeymoon, how do you build a solid life together?  What is the next step?

Would it help if you had a strategy?   You DO have a strategy, right?  You want to see your marriage survive the test of time don’t you?  Yes. The answer must be “YES!!”  We want to see you “Step from a Beautiful Ceremony into a Beautiful Life”.

So, we offer a unique and powerful options to put your marriage on the right track.  It’s time tested and simple.  In fact, our strategy’s simplicity may surprise you.  It’s much less expensive to build something right the first time.

In fact, we believe you should enjoy your honeymoon through your entire first and second year (and beyond).  Our solutions support the groom and bless the bride.  Our solutions work regardless of income, family history or any particular cultural background.

In fact, you cannot get what we offer anywhere else.  

  1. Pastors and officiants will help you with a ceremony.
  2. Some will even offer pre-marital counseling to help you feel better about your future.
  3. We go all the way, offering practical steps to help you keep wedding day happiness alive for years to come.

What makes us so unique?  The conversational process is easy and fun and help you…

  1. Build a solid foundation investing together with common goals
  2. Take practical, safe steps to build your best life together
  3. Overcome the barriers that will destroy your dream of a life long marriage together
  4. Retain the excitement of your new life together as you celebrate something new every month

Learn about options for an impressive wedding day experience.  It’s a good place to start.

In a world where marriages fall apart YOU can go beyond and build a beautiful future together.

Turn your dream into reality by designing and building a stable future with the spouse you adore.

Discover strategies that help you build a better future on foundation that will stand the test of time.

Request a 30 minute consultation.  Our calendar is filling up fast.  Don’t delay.   We would love to hear more about the life you want!  OR (919) 876-7387

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