Postlude to a Kiss

Couple relaxing in a hammock and enjoying starry sky

If pre-wedding preparation is the prelude then what happens after the beautiful ceremony?  Great question!  For most couples there’s a feeling that the honey moon is the postlude – the after the kiss.  Building a lasting, secure marriage takes energy and effort.

Why then do couples invest so much time and effort in crafting their incredible wedding day but spend so little time investing in the first year of their life together?  There are several reasons:

  1. We love fairy tales endings where the handsome prince comes to save the beautiful princess.   A wedding ceremony fairy tale has captivated the dreams of little girls for years.  We love to invest ourselves in our dreams.
  2. We love events that celebrate love.  A wedding captivates the hearts of all and celebrates tenderness of deep heart affection.
  3. We love to feel special.  A wedding ceremony focuses on the bride and groom in a way that makes them uniquely special for that day.  They will not experience this unique special feeling anywhere else.
  4. We love anticipation of life events.  A wedding event brings family from near and far – a reunion with laughter, memories and reflection.

Oops, I almost forgot about talking about investing in the first year of life together.  It might not be that important.  It might be safe to say that most people pretty much hope for the best.   The first year’s not so bad – why worry about investing at that point?  It’s the time you have the best chance for success!

You might be surprised that marriage bliss has a few blisters.  But, what more can we expect?  We’re pushing two people with incredibly different ways of living, working, expressing, sharing, caring and telling under a single roof and expecting them to be happy about the way they irritate each other.  What could possibly go wrong?

Yes, plenty.  You’re right.  What if newly weds spent some of their “before the wedding” and the “Wedding Day” energy after the wedding?  Couples would have a powerful chance to craft the fairy tale life together after the wedding – The Postlude to a Kiss.


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