Prelude to a Kiss

The absolute highlight in the wedding ceremony lies in that slightly awkward, mysterious momentum when the bride and groom tip and lean toward each other in grand expectation.  The kiss sets off a flurry of flashes, snaps and sighs from the watching crowd.  The kiss seals the ceremony with tenderness and affection.  Before that quiet, simple, solemn moment there can be plenty of chaos, flair and anxiety but in that special moment all that was past is past and the future brightly shines.

Like an iceberg, there is much pre-wedding work that goes on just out of sight.  We see the kiss but we know the vast amount of effort that went into that special day.  All the conversations about the location, the food, the dress, the photographer coupled with all the walks, all the hugs and snuggles.  They set the stage, they prime the pump and they light the fuse.  You know the work it takes to craft a beautiful wedding.  It takes months to get every piece just right.

All that effort writes the music that is then sung on your special wedding day in the hearts of the bride and groom – the Prelude to a Kiss.


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