Wedding Day Options

A Magical Life Together

Your wedding day begins an incredible, phenomenal life together.

Your unique day deserves an extra-special touch of class, a special ceremony that makes your ceremony complete.  We take the time to know you, learn about your family and weave extra special touches that will have your guests talking about it for days.

Choose a wedding plan that gives you more than the basics.  Choose a minister who truly cares about your future.

  1. One-Tier Wedding Ceremony:   $250
      • One pre-rehearsal marriage meeting at a coffee shop & I’ll buy!
      • 2 hour rehearsal to coordinate the flow of your incredible wedding day
      • 2 hours of peace, tranquility and assurance and a uniquely tailored ceremony presentation


  2. Two-Tier Wedding Ceremony:  $450
    • 3 – 2 hour pre-marital conversations to set you up for success
      • Topics include blending family culture, finances, conflict, habits, communication, etc.
      • We will help you craft a unique, personalized wedding ceremony.
    • 2 hour rehearsal to coordinate your incredible wedding day
    • 2 hours of calm, stability and assurance and a uniquely tailored ceremony presentation


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