Life-Time Solutions

Marriage begins a long and complicated journey.   It’s exciting and wonderful.  Our Life-time Options give you tools and unique experiences to forge a foundation that blends your individual family cultures, your particular habits and your socio-economic differences.

Your marriage is the beginning of your new life together.  Make it your own.  Create your own habits.  Build your own bridges.  Set your own priorities.  Frame your own values.  Fight for something together and you’ll fight less together.

To this end we offer three levels of support for your newly-wed long-term success:

  1. Life Together Jump-start Success Wedding Package:  $550 (Limited time offer)
    • 3 – 2 hour pre-marital conversations to set you up for success before your wedding.
      • Topics include blending family culture, finances, conflict, habits, communication, etc.
      • We will help you craft a unique, personalized wedding ceremony.
    • 2 hour rehearsal to coordinate your incredible wedding day
    • 2 hours of calm, stability and assurance and a uniquely tailored ceremony presentation
    • 4 Wedding-Life coaching JUMP-START Sessions (4 sessions over 4 months)
    • 4 months subscription to our ‘Monthly Mystery Date’ service (around Raleigh)
    • 25% off ONE Bed & Breakfast Wedding Renewal Weekend event (occurs every 6 months)

  2. Life Together Long-term Growth & Success Wedding Package:  $950 (Limited time offer)
    • All of the Jump-start Success Wedding Package benefits PLUS
    • 6 additional Wedding-Life GROWTH sessions over remaining 8 months
      • Total of 12 sessions over 12 months
      • Encouraging conversations focusing on your future more than your past
    • Full year’s subscription to our ‘Monthly Mystery Date’ service (around Raleigh)
    • Pre-FIRST Anniversary event planning strategy focus to help the groom find his groove!
    • 50% off ONE Bed & Breakfast Wedding Renewal Weekend event (February and August)

  3. Life Together Top-flight Maximum Growth & Success Wedding Package:  $1450 (Limited time offer)
    • All of the Long-term Growth & Success benefits Plus
    • Additional personalized, individualized life/business success coaching sessions
      • 4 for bride and
      • 4 for groom
    • One Complementary Bed & Breakfast Wedding Renewal Weekend event (occurs every 6 months)
    • Family Preparedness Guide to give you the tools to address any concern that may arise
      • Respective family members, contact information
      • Professionals in your life (Doctors, attorneys, accountants, etc.)
      • Financial summary and beneficiary clarification
    • Preferred Rates with select support staff to help you accelerate your forward progress
      • Marriage & Family Counselors -find healing for wounds from the past
      • Financial support from Crown Financial – reach your goals without debt
      • Important Marriage Documents – Wills, Trusts, Power-of Attorney



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