is where I invest my life…

Builders are building a wooden house.

An average person today will have worked in more than 10 different jobs.   My tenure has historically been 7-8 years.  I guess you could say I’m focused, dedicated and showing up.  Each role I’ve played, each task I’ve learned has been valuable in my faith journey.  None of it has been wasted.  Everything has contributed to the man I am today.

Work Experience

Youth Pastor Mars Alliance Church for 6 years during the mid 1990’s.

Assistant Pastor First Alliance Church for 16 years (my how time flies).

Federal Express – Courier for 8 years (this was when I was in my best shape).

Financial Advisor – 2 years with Waddell & Reed and 1 year with MassMutual (this was my most challenging work).

Director of Pastoral Care and Development in North and South Carolina with the Christian & Missionary Alliance – since April 2014 (this is an opportunity to give back).

Interim Pastor at Westside Chapel of the C&MA in Greensboro, NC since January 2015 (this has been an exciting journey).

Community Involvements

North Carolina Theatre – supporting the arts, encouraging others to attend and participate.


New Business Ideas

Coffee Roasting since February 2014

Coaching practice empowering others to reach their goals and improve their lives.